Please allow us to introduce ourselves, in case you don't know us already, the people behind your event request:

Cora Eiblmaier and Patricia Paschold.

To make sure your event will be a succes is our daily business, and a task which we feel honoured and priviliged to perform! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Frequently asked questions about the Egener Alm

Can the Egerner Alm be booked exclusively?
Our beautiful Egerner Alm is THE perfect location for an all-round successful event in a very private, exclusive setting. This means that there will be no other guests on site on your booking day.

How many people can be accommodated in the Egerner Alm?
The indoor area of our Egerner Alm can accommodate up to 70 people.

Is there a rent or a minimum turnover?

We take the liberty of charging a minimum turnover for food and beverages and vary this between Sunday-Thursday (€5,500) and Friday/Saturday (€9,500) These are guideline values that, depending on the number of people, provide a good basis for calculation. But please rest assured: YOUR perfect event is our greatest asset and so we want as many happy guests as possible to enjoy our beautiful Egerner Alm. That's why we are happy to adjust the minimum turnover in individual cases and talk openly with each other here.

Can the location be visited in person on site?
Feel free to drop by. This way we can show you our location and conditions on site, get to know each other personally and answer initial questions. If a visit on your part is not possible, e.g. due to the arrival time, we will also be happy to arrange an initial video call to bring you a little closer to the alpine pasture.

Is it possible to book appointments in advance?
If your desired date has already been set, we will be happy to reserve it for up to two weeks. During this period, we will remain in contact and will be available at any time for any questions or requests.

When will the Alm be available?
Our Egerner Alm can be used from 12 noon. Decoration work or construction can already take place in the morning.

To what extent can the location be decorated and do you have contacts?
As long as it doesn't damage the location, you are welcome to decorate as you please. We are happy to assist you with wishes and suggestions and plan the decoration together with you. We have fantastic service providers in our portfolio with whom we have always had impeccable experiences. We ask you to refrain from confetti and air strikes.

Can we put together an individual menu?
In order to guarantee you perfect service and the best quality from our alpine cuisine, we ask you to opt for a fixed menu from the culinary highlights depending on the season for all your guests. Of course, individual courses can be exchanged within the menu suggestions or, if necessary, changed. seasonally adjusted. Of course, we are happy to take individual intolerances into account.

How long can you celebrate and are there any regulations regarding the volume?
You are very welcome to celebrate until 02:00 a.m. and accompany this with music. In front of the Egerner Alm, as well as in the Alm, we ask you for background volume without bass or drums. Again, we can recommend great bands that specialize in playing "unplugged".On the other hand, it can get a little louder in our party cellar directly under the alpine pasture. Here, a DJ or a band of up to 3 people can create a groovy atmosphere.