Couple in bathrobes standing on balcony of hotel Egerner Höfe

Parkhotel Egerner Höfe reinvents itself

Re-opening as a 5-star superior hotel after 9 months of renovations

Today we are proud to present the new Parkhotel Egerner Höfe. 'Making a virtue of necessity' – this is how we have used the restrictions between November 2020 and August 2021 constructively and creatively. And renovated the entire hotel from the ground up with a love of detail and our deeply felt grounding in the Tegernsee Valley region. See for yourself and discover our 108 rooms and suites, the new Mangfall Spa wellness area and our multiple award-winning gourmet restaurant Dichter.

If you have already been a guest with us at the Egerner Höfe, come and let us inspire you anew. We promise you: In our luxury hotel at Lake Tegernsee, your everyday life is far away. Immerse yourself in your holiday with 'quiet luxury and true indulgence – welcome to the new Parkhotel Egerner Höfe!

Tradition Zeitgeist

Exterior view of hotel Egerner Höfe
Man swimming in pool

Parkhotel Egerner Höfe: nature as our guest

Even though many things look completely different in our hotel today, our values, principles, our staff, and the deep roots in our home region have remained the same. They show themselves modernised all around in our triad of new architecture, excellent cuisine, and genuine cordiality of our service! All this in front of the impressive mountain landscape of the Bavarian Pre-Alps. Outdoor and indoor areas of our hotel often flow into each other and complement each other to form a harmonious, nature-oriented overall concept.

We have integrated nature and the energy of the foothills of the Alps into the entire architecture of our luxury hotel. The large, continuous window fronts bring the extensive hotel park and our local mountain, the imposing Wallberg, constantly into the view of our guests. In all of this, a mindful and sustainable use of resources is particularly close to our hearts. Throughout the hotel, we use local woods, materials from the Alpine region and state-of-the-art technology to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible during operation. To achieve this, we rely, among other things, on a particularly energy-efficient heating and cooling system that ensures maximum temperature comfort in all areas of the hotel at all times of the year.

Couple sitting on the shore of Lake Tegernsee toasting with wine

Holiday in the Tegernsee Valley - treat yourself to this luxury!

A holiday at the Parkhotel Egerner Höfe in Rottach-Egern is a feast for all the senses: enjoy the silence in the large hotel park, find relaxation and time for yourself in the Mangfall Spa and discover the star cuisine of chef Thomas Kellermann in the gourmet restaurant Dichter! You will always be looked after by the attentive, warm service of the entire hotel team.

Upper Bavaria and the Tegernsee mountain landscape will do the rest to make your holiday something very special. Here, every season has its own charm and its very special offers for guests; every place tells its own stories full of living tradition. The ingredients for your personal luxury holiday in the Tegernsee Valley!