Yoga holidays at lake Tegernsee come to rest, relax and enjoy

Free Floating Aerial Yoga

Yoga and Aerial Yoga for your well-being

Breathe in deeply, breathe out deeply and start the day with peace and total relaxation: this is how we imagine the perfect holiday. Yoga is suitable for everyone who wants to find inner peace and physical balance. Relaxation and enjoyment are a priority at the Yoga hotel Egerner Höfe. Stress and everyday worries, back pain and migraines are improved by yoga. You feel refreshed and full of new strength for the day.

To turn your holiday into your personal yoga holiday at Parkhotel Egerner Höfe, you don't have far to go: our yoga studio in the park offers enough space for your beneficial yoga session, stretching or perhaps a meditation to let your mind and soul float. When the weather is nice, we offer our guests yoga classes outside in the tranquil setting of our hotel park, amid fresh, green nature and the majestic backdrop of the mountains.

E V E R Y  M O N D A Y

17.30 - 18.25 // Inside Flow Yoga (for beginners)
18.30 - 18.55 // Stretch & Meditation

Yoga meets Spa
With our combined offer you can relax after the yoga class until 9pm in the beautiful Mangfall Spa.
Yoga & Evening Spa 45€
Yoga & Day Spa 100€

Bookings at or by telephone on +49 (0) 80 22 666-0

Body & mind

Yoga connects body and mind

Yoga has established itself in recent years for relaxing both body and mind. Through various physical exercises, asanas as well as breathing techniques and mediation exercises, body and mind come into harmony. This inner balance brings about a deep relaxation. Altogether this harmoniously integrates into our understanding of quiet, a very special luxury.

In the yoga studio, our guests can exercise and find inner peace and quietness with yoga or aerial yoga. Alternatively, you can also practice the physical exercises in the air with our Aerial Yoga cloths/hammocks.

Aerial Yoga – enjoy floating moments

Hanging in silky cloths in mid-air while letting go, bringing body and mind into harmony is the secret recipe of Aerial Yoga. This special technique is multifaceted and combines floating yoga exercises with familiar elements such as breathing and relaxation exercises. In the process, the joints and spine are particularly relieved, and the stress of everyday life falls away.

Our experienced yoga coaches offer regular courses for beginners and advanced practitioners. For more information, please contact our Mangfall Spa team. Our spa manager Vanessa Legler and her spa team look forward to your booking;
phone +49 (0)80 22 / 666-505