Pure and authentic tradition: Forest- & lake festivals in the Tegernsee Valley

Summerly events around the lake

The forest- and lake festivals are part of the Valley of Lake Tegernsee just like the Oktoberfest belongs to Munich or the Brezl to a pint of beer. Among the locals. these joyful evenings are the best the valley has to offer on a Summer evening, and the different clubs will organise such a festival one after the other. Young and old alike meet here and have fun. The parties start in the middle of June and end by the middle of August.

Whether it be a festival in Rottach-Egern, in Tegernsee or in Bad Wiessee, at least one should be marked in your travel calendar.

We have a broad choice of room types, so surely you will find one of your likings. Please contact our reservation team, our experts will be happy to answer all queries you may have regarding the festivals with local insider-tips. You can contact us on +49 (0)80 22 / 666-500; E-Mail: reservierung@egerner-hoefe.de.

Brass instruments against blue sky
Two cows are on a meadow on the slope and graze in front of view of mountains and Lake Tegernsee
Traditional Bavarian festival

Forest festivals & lake festivals around Lake Tegernsee - the dates

June 2023:

  • 09.-10.06.22023 - Kreuth
  • 18.06.2023 - Rottach-Egern
  • 23.-24.06.2023 - Bad Wiessee
  • 25.06.2023 - Rottach Egern

July 2023

  • 07.-08.07.2023 - Kreuth
  • 14.-16.07.2023 - Tegernsee
  • 21.-22.07.2023 - Bad Wiessee
  • 23.07.2023 - Kreuth
  • 28.-29-07-2023 - Rottach-Egern

August 2023

  • 06.08.2023 - Rottach-Egern
  • 06.08.2023 - Bad Wiessee
  • 10.-12.08.2023 - Gmund

Please feel free to contact us for more specific information about the exact location, possible alternative dates (due to bad weather).