Fitness in your wellness hotel - - in our own fitness room training is fun

Our fitness room in our Mangfall Spa

Do you like to start your day with excersise, or do you prefer to work out later in the day? In our well-equiped fitness room, you can work out as you like. We have stepping- and cycling gear, and many more equipment to make sure you can do the work out you want to whilst on holidays. We offer towels and water free of charge to make sure our guests have everything they need for their workout.

Our fitness room is equiped with gear from Technogym. We have a stairmaster, an ergometer, a fitness bike, two treadmills, a stepper as well as a weight bench with weights, elastic bands and a multi-functional powergear. We also have wall bars, sport mats and fascia rolls. So as you can see, nothing should stop you from working out whilst you are enjoying your holidays with us.

For more information, please feel free to contact our Mangfall Spa team on  +49 08022 666 590 or , they will be happy to assist.